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Tampa Rhinoplasty Post Surgery

Returning to Work

You should be up and about and returning to work within a week following your surgery as long as it is not too strenuous a job.


You will have significant swelling and bruising on the nose and near the eyes for the next week to two weeks. All of the swelling may not disappear for a few months but will have gone down considerably.


You can shower anytime after surgery, remember to keep your dressings dry though.


You will be out of bed after a day but may not resume your normal activities for up to a week, although you will have to avoid any strenuous activities such as exercise that would increase your blood pressure , for two to three weeks. You might experience some bleeding. If your nose is packed with gauze it will be removed by Dr. Luria after only a few short days.


Any discomfort you may have, including, headaches or stuffiness can be helped with medication provided by Dr. Luria.


Your results are permanent as long as you do not cause any harm or injury to yourself. Proper healing of the nose will take some time so it is very important to follow instructions that Dr. Luria has given you carefully so that you will achieve the results you desire.

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