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Tampa Rhinoplasty

When you first meet someone, is your nose the first feature someone notices on your face? When you look in the mirror, are you constantly disappointed with the way your nose looks? Whether you have a nose that is disproportional to the rest of your face, a nose that is off-center, too flat and wide at the base, or have a bump on your nose, you are one of many people who have considered a rhinoplasty or “nose job.” In 2005, approximately 300,000 people had a rhinoplasty procedure for cosmetic reasons. When you see a skilled surgeon like Dr. L. William Luria, you will get a thorough understanding of how a rhinoplasty can change your appearance.

Dr. Luria has been performing rhinoplasties at his Tampa Plastic Surgery Practice for over twenty years and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to noses. Dr. Luria believes that the best candidates for the rhinoplasty procedure are patients who have realistic expectations about what can be accomplished and are unhappy with the appearance of their nose (shape, size etc). Dr. Luria also recommends that teenagers wait until the nose is done growing before scheduling a rhinoplasty consultation. For most girls, their noses will stop growing at age 14 or 15 and a little older for boys. The only way to know for sure if you are a candidate for the procedure is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Luria to understand what is possible.

During your consultation with Dr. Luria, you should be candid about what you hope to accomplish from your rhinoplasty surgery. Dr. Luria is not only a skilled surgeon but also an excellent listener. He will spend as much time with you as necessary to understand your expectations and give you his expert opinion as to what is possible. You should plan on spending 60 to 90 minutes in the office during your initial consultation visit. Before coming in for your consultation, take the time look through the Tampa Rhinoplasty Photo Gallery to see the results past patients of Dr. Luria’s have achieved. This will give you realistic expectations of what can be done to correct your problem areas.

Based on what is determined from your consultation, Dr. Luria can perform your rhinoplasty one of two ways. The first method is called a closed rhinoplasty which involves incisions only being made on the inside of your nostrils. By doing the procedure this way, Dr. Luria can reduce swelling and recovery time for a rhinoplasty. However, the results you hope to achieve may not be possible because of limited visibility of the structure of the nose by Dr. Luria.

For more complicated cases, Dr. Luria often chooses the second approach or open rhinoplasty method where the incision is made at the base of your nose, across the columella, the vertical strip of tissue separating the nostrils. The skin is lifted allowing the bone and cartilage to be reduced, added, or reshaped. The skin is then reshaped over the new nose. For both methods Dr. Luria will require you to wear a splint over your nose for some time to help protect it as it heals.

What's next? Contact Dr. Luria by e-mail or phone at 813-875-6376 to schedule your confidential consultation at his Tampa Plastic Surgery Office.

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