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Tampa Plastic Surgery for Men

Dr. Luria knows that Tampa males seem to be changing their attitude about a number of issues that were historically the preserve of women, specifically plastic surgery. He has seen a dramatic increase in the number of male patients from all over the Tampa Bay and these men have been realizing that their physical appearance greatly affects the way that they are perceived personally and professionally.

Dr. Luria has always included the male patient in his marketing efforts, and has performed thousands of procedures that are male-specific. He recognizes the fact that a man’s body and facial features have a different composition than a woman’s and those cosmetic surgery procedures designed for women, may not be the best for a man. Dr. Luria dedicates a portion of his Tampa Bay plastic surgery practice to helping men feel better about their appearance, and has done so years before the trend was significant. His technique for these procedures is similar for men and women, but it is his attention the subtle differences in body type and composition that make Dr. Luria a favorite of Tampa Bay men.

Feeling the need to look younger and appear dynamic well into 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s has led men like you to search for a plastic surgeon with experience in those areas. Dr. Luria is that plastic surgeon. He understands that to achieve the results that you demand, he must take into consideration factors unique to men, such as skin thickness, beard growth, or body type.

You also need a more comfortable environment when taking the first step in a cosmetic procedure. Throughout the process, Dr. Luria and his staff are sensitive to that need and go above and beyond with information and skill to make the entire experience educational, informative, and pleasant.

As a plastic surgeon, Dr, Luria was trained to deal with a variety of medical problems. That training has allowed him to bring those skill sets to his patients and the practice of plastic surgery. Board Certified Plastic Surgeons have always been on the leading edge of innovation in the field of surgery, and the surgery on the male patient is no exception. As a Board Certified Plastic surgeon, Dr. Luria’s patients benefit from the best care that can be provided with in the United States.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Luria, please e-mail or call Dr. Luria at 813-875-6376.

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