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Tampa Ear Surgery

If you or your children’s ears are protruding or disproportional to your face, you do have options. For children, often times the teasing and ridicule can become overwhelming and ruin their self confidence. Dr. L. William Luria sees many patients with this condition in his Tampa Plastic Surgery office and often times will recommend the otoplasty procedure. The otoplasty procedure will reposition the ears by pulling them back closer to the head to give a more natural appearance. In the hands of a skilled surgeon like Dr. Luria, the ears can be dramatically changed to give you more naturally looking ears.

Dr. Luria believes the best candidates for the procedure are in good health and have realistic expectations of what can be accomplished. Most of the patients Dr. Luria sees for the procedure are between the ages of five and forty. During the consultation, Dr. Luria will talk to you about what you hope to accomplish from the procedure. Dr. Luria is an excellent listener and will ask you follow-up questions to make sure he has a thorough understanding of your situation. After an examination of your ears, he can then give you his expert advice on what can be achieved by having the otoplasty procedure. Often times a patient thinks only one ear may need to be pinned back. In these situations, Dr. Luria often suggests both ears be pinned back to achieve a symmetrical appearance. You should plan on being in the office for sixty to ninety minutes during your consultation.

The otoplasty procedure is done on an outpatient basis at one of Dr. Luria’s Tampa Plastic Surgery Facilities. Ear Surgery can take anywhere from two to three hours, although complicated procedures may take longer.

Generally, Dr. Luria will perform the otoplasty procedure in one of two ways depending on your situation. The first method involves making a small incision in the back of the ear to expose the ear cartilage. Dr. Luria can then sculpt the cartilage and bend it back toward the head. The second method involves a similar incision in the back of the ear. Skin is removed and stitches are used to fold the cartilage back on itself to reshape the ear without removing cartilage. Both of these techniques will leave a faint scar in the back of the ear that will fade with time. Dr. Luria will cover the procedure in much more detail during the consultation.

What's next? Contact Dr. Luria by e-mail or phone at 813-875-6376 to schedule your confidential consultation at his Tampa Plastic Surgery Office.

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