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Tampa Breast Augmentation Preparation

You should come to the breast augmentation consultation prepared to discuss candidly your medical history. You may be asked about family history as it relates to breast cancer and when you had your last mammogram. Dr. Luria may require you to have a mammogram depending on your age and health history.

To prepare for your breast augmentation surgery, Dr. Luria will provide you with instructions to follow. You will need to follow these guidelines closely to be better prepared for your breast augmentation and ease the recovery process. Dr. Luria will also give you restrictions on eating and drinking prior to your breast augmentation. If you are a smoker, he recommends that you quit before your surgery.

While breast augmentation is a fairly routine procedure, every surgery carries some degree of risks. Dr. Luria will cover these risks during your consultation visit.

If you need more information on the breast augmentation procedure, the best way to get your questions answered is to schedule your consultation visit with Dr. Luria.  Contact Dr. Luria by e-mail or phone at 813-875-6376 to schedule your confidential consultation at his Tampa Plastic Surgery Office..

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