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Tampa Plastic Surgery Staff

When you are deciding to have plastic surgery in Tampa, it is important to choose an office with a skilled, Board-Certified plastic surgeon and a knowledgeable staff who can help you with this very personal decision. When you visit Dr. Luria’s Tampa plastic surgery office, you will find a staff that is dedicated to making the entire plastic surgery process from consultation to post operative care a personal, comforting and satisfying experience. Dr. Luria’s Patient Coordinator, Nancy Jacobson and his Personal Assistant, Daniele Bluffstone have been with the office for almost forty years collectively and work very closely with the doctor to provide you with the information necessary to make an intelligent decision as to whether plastic surgery is right for you. You will find the office environment to be a very warm, friendly and family like experience. It is very rare to find office staff that have been with the same doctor or are as knowledgeable about plastic surgery as Dr. Luria’s.

Nancy Jacobson, Patient Coordinator

Tampa Plastic Surgery StaffNancy knows the plastic surgery business. She has provided guidance to patients in your situation for over twenty years and will do her best to make sure your plastic surgery experience is a pleasurable one. You would be hard pressed to ask Nancy a question about plastic surgery that she could not answer.

Dr. Luria and Nancy are “family” and they are a team. And these two, as well as Daniele and Susie make the entire plastic surgery experience so wonderful, personal, and comfortable. There is no rushing of patients in and out of this office.

Nancy has a genuine belief in plastic surgery and the positive effects it can have on your life. There have been thousands of cosmetic surgery patients just like you in the past 20 years, and Nancy is an intricate part of those positive experiences. She is always available to answer any questions or address any concerns you might have. You will find Nancy to be an excellent resource as you navigate your way through the plastic surgery process.

Daniele Bluffstone, Personal Assistant

Tampa Plastic Surgery StaffDaniele has been with Dr. Luria since 1988 and is also extremely knowledgeable about your plastic surgery procedure. Daniele has seen firsthand the confidence and self esteem that plastic surgery can give you. At times you can see that she is as pleased with the results of Dr. Luria’s work as his patients are.

Daniele will work with you to make sure you understand pre-op and post-op directions, making sure that the results of your procedure will be optimum. If you have any questions, she can answer it and for the intimate parts of the diagnosis and the examination process, Daniele can make the most modest patients feel like they are with one of their best buddies. As a patient you will see Dr. Luria, and right beside him will be Daniele making sure that you are comfortable, informed, and satisfied with your plastic surgery exam. And whether it involves the healing of a scar on your face or any other part of your body, she will be making make sure repeatedly, that you massage, apply cream, lay down, sit up, rest, soak, eat, or do whatever it takes to heal that all important skin.

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